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Reinventing the way we buy eyewear

True-to-scale virtual try-on

Our technology enables users to virtually try-on eyewear products in high definition, exhibiting real-world colors, textures and reflections.

We guarantee a true-to-scale property of the models, which lays the foundation for custom-made eyewear and personalized recommendations.

We employ standardized 3D modelling approaches in combination with powerful rendering engines, ensuring a reliable and scalable process

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Precise lens and frame

We combine powerful sensor technology, computer vision and machine learning approaches to detect all points-of-interest of the head and in the face of the customer and derive millimeter-precise measures.

On top of that, we can add virtual or real eyewear and derive joined measures such as grinding height, inclination and even frame dimensions.

Product and user tailored
recommendations systems

We aim at giving the customer the best shopping experience.
We overcome the cumbersome and inefficient filtering approaches, where thousands of products have to be scanned by the customer, and yet, leads to confusion and dissatisfaction.

Instead, we use smart systems that combine relevant data from all relevant source in addition with direct customer interaction.

To this end, our smart algorithms suggest products that fit the customer needs – always in alignment with the customer and in compliance with data security and protection regulations.

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