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Reinventing the way we buy eyewear

Our mission is to provide everyone with instant access to eyecare. We believe that buying glasses should be as easy as buying clothes but as safe as going to the doctor.

It's time for a change

The way we buy glasses has effectively remained unchanged for decades and usually requires multiple trips to the store and several interactions with service personnel. Also, glasses are not only a medical product but also fashion and an important way to express yourself.

This is why we are building the world’s fastest and most reliable way to buy prescription glasses with nothing but your smartphone so you can try on new frames, update your prescription and order a new pair of glasses from wherever you are.

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Precise lens and frame measurements

Using a state-of-the-art smartphone or tablet, we can

gauge all necessary head and face dimensions down to the millimeter. This enables us to provide the input for lens grinding and frame fitting and contributes massively to a great customer experience.

We put the optician in your pocket
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Using a state-of-the-art smartphone or tablet, we can gauge all necessary head and face dimensions down to the millimeter. 

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Real-time try on

Through augmented reality, we can display high-quality 3D versions of glasses on your face. No more trying on dozens of glasses in a shop!

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Full automation

We use APIs to facilitate the interaction between our applications and yours, to keep the time between user input and production short.

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Our solutions are created by connecting different modules. These modules are independent and enable us to design and scale different solutions with calculated effort.

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Part of Mister Spex

Mister Spex impresses with its multi-award-winning, digitally anchored omnichannel concept with seamless linking of online and offline offers. The advantage of our approach lies in the mutual strengthening of both channels, which creates valuable synergies.

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Press & Events
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*Batch #9 Fall 2019
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*1 of 5 handpicked Startups on stage
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*Winner Best Startup 2019
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